Coronavirus came like a global earthquake, and no one knows when the world will stop quaking. The seismic wave of this pandemic has shaken up our lives in too many ways to count. COVID-19, the most recent strain of coronavirus we’re contending with, has caused numerous illnesses, and unfortunately deaths, worldwide. Enter the face mask. Differing and flip-flopping views of face masks have resulted in confusion and scepticism.

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Initial Face Mask Reasoning

Initially, the CDC and The World Health Organization both advised the general public against wearing face masks; they suggested that the only people who needed to wear masks were those caring for the infected; those in high-risk groups; and those with COVID-19 or COVID-19 symptoms. However, as we continue to learn more about coronavirus, expert opinions have shifted. Both the CDC and WHO are now recommending face masks to help prevent the transmission of coronavirus.

What Are The Best Face Masks?

Many of us are under government order to wear cloth masks in public, so the question changes from “Should I wear a face mask for virus protection?” to “What is a good face mask?”.  Not all masks are created equal, and levels of protection are varied. It is important to look at several factors to help you find the best antivirus mask. There are two main things to consider when determining the effectiveness of any anti-viral mask: the filtration level and the fit.

  • Filtration: The filtration level defines the percentage of microscopic particles and droplets that are prevented from passing through the mask. The higher the filtration level, the less likely it is for virus-causing particles to permeate the mask, making viruses less likely to spread.
  • Fit: A more fitted mask helps to stop virus-causing particles from seeping out of or into the mask through open spaces on the top, bottom, and sides of the mask. Additionally, even though face masks are often referred to as mouth masks, it is important to note that masks must fit over both the mouth and nose to be effective.

The 3-ply surgical mask has become the most sought-after commodity during the Covid-19 pandemic, with many buying what they can get their hands on. However, the quality of different brands may vary wildly, though the masks may look the same. With Horizon Healthcare’s high-quality face masks, you can ensure high degrees of protection.